What’s a MOOC?
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) came into being in 2008 and have a fairly flexible definition. They’re “Massive” in the sense that they can handle a very large enrollment, which is often facilitated by their “Online” nature. They’re “Open” in that anyone with a computer and internet connection can register, and generally when there are costs they are far cheaper than what the course would cost at a traditional college. This does have its drawbacks though, as MOOCs rarely have certificates available, and those certificates aren’t always transferable for credit at 2-year and 4-year college institutions. This is changing over time, though, as more providers are providing courses with certificates. By partnering with accredited institutions, providers are sometimes able to grant credits for courses.

How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?
Our site is completely free to use, and so are many of the courses we link to. Some courses do have a monthly subscription fee while some have a one-time cost, which we make clear on our pages. Some free courses offer paid certificates, but do not require any money to take the course.


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